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Meeting at Les Castels Le Château de Poinsouze campsite

To recharge your batteries, what could be better than the end of the world ? The Château de Poinsouze, nestled in the heart of the Creuse, is an area of ​​120 hectares, whose pond is the delight of fishermen and lovers of nautical activities. We went to meet the creators and managers of the campsite, who answered all our questions ...


Would you like to introduce yourself ?

Jean and Claudine de Houdetot, we are the creators and managers of the campsite Le Château de Poinsouze. We began our campsite according to the original concept of Castels on a family property whose origin goes back to the Middle Ages. Next year, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the site with our son Hugues who will take over the reins.

What is your role within your Les Castels by Le French Time campsite ?  

Its a small establishment but needs  a full time involvement all year around . We, ourselves do everything from A to Z without calling on people from outside, we want to preserve our personal “craftmanship ” management.

Château de poinsouze

When was your campsite established ? Can you describe it ?

The campsite construction was built around May 1995 until May 1996 on the castle estate.  Originally 102 sites then 112, 120 and then it rose to 160 thanks to the many requests for reservations But ,we were obliged to abide by the regulations and therefore only permitted to accommodate 144 people thereby  complying to the whims of the regulators .

Château de poinsouze

 What are your values, and your ambitions for the future ?

Having always worked in the delivery of services industry in different economic sectors, our ambition is to continue to deliver top quality service in a preserved environmental framework, with a  real emphasis on  the human connection  by creating a personal   customer relationship !

Your favourite place on the estate ?

The private park, which is also open to campers. It is however not often frequented due to the major maintenance constraints and underlying security obligations to make it accessible.

Château de poinsouze park

What is your favourite time according to the seasons ?

After the high season (often our Indian Summer), when the campsite is adorned with all it’s colours.



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