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Take part in the great Burgundian events !

Would you love to to discover Burgundy, its landscape and its local products ? Come and discover the activities suggested by us, this is a beautiful region where you can stay at the campsite Les Castels Le Château de l'Epervière !

Discover the secrets of Burgundy

During the weekends in July and August the Nuits Maillotines at Joigny invite you to experience from dusk onwards some of the greatest moments in history. Every year, a particular theme is chosen and every production attracts the regulars and the curious. Almost 200 people each evening !

The Middle Ages comes alive during the Nuits de la Gargoyle at Autun. From 9:30 pm, be a part of a guided tour through the centuries, discovering the high medieval districts of Autun below the eyes of the gargoyles reaching out from the cathedral towers. An opportunity to travel to places bathed in history and light. Musicians and actors add to the scene bringing the era to life with a narrator explaining the history !

The « mois des Climates » in Bourgogne 

In Burgundy from 8th June till 8th July every year the main event takes place: The festival « mois des Climats » in Burgundy ! There are numerous presentations honouring the heritage and history of the Climates in Burgundy, meaning the Outstanding Universal Value which has been recognised by UNESCO since 2015.


Beautiful view of the historic town of Auxerre reflecting in Yonne river at night, Burgundy, France


Yearly there are more than 70 demonstrations dedicated to the understanding of the Climates of Burgundy Vineyards through World heritage UNESCO. A month of exhibitions, strolls through vineyards, guided tours, conferences, presentations and tastings… take place in the domains, cellars and villages of Dijon, South of Beaune.

A real delight for every one.


Hot air balloons at Chalon-sur-Saône


Beautiful Balloons

Beautiful Balloons

Since 1989, each year, during the weekend of Pentecost, the sky of Chalon-sur-Saône is filled with spectacular multicoloured clouds ! Indeed, it is the weekend of hot-air balloons ! Over three days, the eyes of thousands of spectators look to to the sky, gazing at sportive competitions among free-flying balloons, stunt flying games, all of which they are united together ! The event is organised in partnership with several charities. Some hot-air balloons are specially fitted out to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

In the Prairie Saint-Nicolas various activities are offered to all the spectators  It offer an unique opportunity to discover from a great height the panoramic views of the Chalon coast !

Many other events take place in this beautiful Burgundy region offering fun and enjoyment for the residents and tourists alike !



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