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Our tips for successful holiday photos

This year, you’ve made the decision to invest in a camera ! Even if your smartphone allows you to capture your moments of fun, nothing beats  having your photos developed leaving fond memories for years to come …

It  also instigates a terrific opportunity for the children , on their return from holidaying, to put together an album of your special holiday spent with the family !

Here is some advise to help you achieve the best photos:

Arm yourselves with a simple, light, easily transportable camera in it’s case specially designed for  excursions. Today, the range offered in stores or online is much more  affordable. You can still use your smartphone for capturing quick, impromptu moments, the beautiful face of your children on your screen.

For aquatic destinations, don’t hesitate to acquire a water-proof camera ! The photos of holidays can be magical  by the sea, in the swimming pool or on board a boat. The investment is worth it, especially for those who decide to be more  adventurous  and explore the sea bed. It will become the focus of your holidays !

If you are satisfied with your photos taken by your smartphone, become familiar with the hundreds of applications to make them even more perfect ! The VSCO Cam application, available free of charge, will allow you to improve the clarity and the luminosity, plus it offers  so many filters for specific shots ! With a few clicks,you you can easily share your special moments on  social networks, we love to annoy those who are stuck back in the city under grey rainy clouds .

No matter what model of camera you are using, never forget to  keep the lens clean. Hands covered with sun tan cream or other products will ruin your results, what a pity to have beautiful memories but fuzzy ones … We advise you  clean them several times a day with a small towel specifically used for that purpose.

Finally, to have beautiful images, the most important thing to remember is light ! We all try to capture the best moments, close by the barbecue as night falls, knowing that these pictures will not be the most successful due to the lack of light. Take your photos in the morning, on your walks, during the day, around meals times, the light is such an important element ! Whilst photographing, your subject must be well lit and the sun must be behind the  back of the photographer. So, the result will be an excellent shot.

Think about creating a photo album, there is nothing better than keeping your memories all together !



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