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Limousine cuisine, delicious and authentic !

We continue our selection of best local specialties, and today we leave for Limousin ! More than likely we don’t need to tell you that the basic products of this region are the pure-bred beef of Limousine and also the pork and sheep.

However, there is not just only the meat in Limousin. We are going to explore some of the best regional dishes !

Pâté aux Pommes de Terre

Also called potato pie, it is a typical specialty of this region made from puff pastry, potatoes of course, as well as garlic, shallots, parsley and sour cream, depending on the recipes (which can differ from one department from another). This pâté can also be made from meat. It is a rather simple and a delicious recipe.

Fondu Creusois

You thought you knew all about fondu ? If you haven’t yet tasted a fondu creusois, we strongly recommend it to you ! It is a fondu made from local cow cheese or either Camembert cheese (your choice) into which you dip potatoes or French Fries …

Not a very light meal but delicious !


To finish off with a sweet touch, the calfoutis is a baked dessert, and is the emblem of the Limousine region ! It is a dish made up of cherries (or of plums) covered with a thick flan like batter like a custard tart. One thing for sure is that you will end your meal satisfying your taste buds to their heart’s content !

Treat yourself the specialties of Limousin 🙂

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