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Holidays in the heart of nature : the Gard

If you are dreaming about that holiday in tranquil surroundings at the heart of nature, we suggest discovering the Gard area and Cévennes in the Camargue. Travelling via Nîmes and the unmissable Pont du Gard, where you will have the opportunity to stay at Les Castels Le Château de Boisson campsite.

Here you can take in the magnificent view over the Cévennes. At Boisson, the castle blends into the village, and the camp has been incorporated into every day life behind the old walls situated at the foot of the rising hill.

There are numerous activities in the Gard area: Trekking,  horse riding, cycling, canoeing and canyoning. River escapades are also on offer in the adventure park  … So you will have a very wide choice of sporting activities whilst holidaying !

The cultural heritage is not to be missed: Le Pont du Gard and the Abbey of Saint-Gilles, a Benedictine monastery, and part of the World Heritage Sites of the Routes of Saintiago de Compostelle, is also included in the Heritage List of UNESCO. There are cities and villages individually renowned: Nîmes the Romaine, Uzès the city of the Renaissance and the medieval town of Beaucaire which has the richest heritage in the region.

Nature lovers will be delighted, as the Gard offers remarkable natural sites. The grotto of Trabuc, the grotto of Cocalière, the Abîme de Bramabiau are all part of the underground wealth !

Delicious food is also offered ! Due to the ambiant weather conditions the chefs can be very creative  …. Due to the rich and varied soil Chefs create the ultimate art of cooking. Chicken and capon of Cévennes, Rice and Taureau of Camargue, Strawberries of Nîmes, Olive oil … You can visit and hydrate yourself with Perrier water, an as the source is here .


The multiple facets of the Gard and it’s diversities will captivate the holidaymaker, make the most of it.

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