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Holiday diary : unforgettable moments !

We are always delighted to have feedback from our vacationers ! Discover now their best memories in our Le French Time campsites !

 A multigenerational memory by Isabelle C. de la Roche (69):

 “Our fondest memory whilst staying at Les Castels La Forge de Sainte Marie campsite, is time spent with three generations of our family ! The children, parents and grandparents. The younger ones trying to catch fish in their nets, the older ones have fun playing petanque and the grand parents allowing themselves being enticed by the cheese board and the wine tasting. Sheer simple happiness ….”

A ghost story by Catherine S. de la Ville Dieu du Temple (24):

“At Les Castels Le Château de Poinsouze campsite, we shared moments of laughter and being afraid ! Our family had chosen to spend the holidays in a house situated in the castle grounds. Upstairs the rooms were large and we were amazed because repeatedly while all the family were downstairs we heard noises upstairs ! A brave child was then chosen to investigate the rooms, but returned every time with no information of what it could be : There was nothing and nobody ! The only explanation: the house was haunted ! We laughed so much at the many suggestions as to how we could nab a ghost. During the night we disguised ourselves as ghosts, of course, frightening the life out of each other ! Such great memories were told and retold to friends when we returned home. The next year we went back and the ghosts, much to our delight, were still there!”

Moments of user friendliness by Sandrine A. from 76:

“Since we discovered Castels, we choose to stay in one of our two favourite camps. Our children adore Les Castels Le Château de Lez-Eaux campsite, we have stayed there 5 times in 4 years ! The best memories: taking advantage of the outdoor swimming pool with the  family when the weather is  gloomy and raining and everybody else is enjoying themselves in the covered aquatic centre !!! Or, being  welcomed by our English neighbors at their chalet when the rain starts to fall as we fold up our tents ! These moments are often recalled as it’s been THE campsite of holiday memories for our little ones !!”

 An unforgettable sunrise by Thierry D de Equeurdreville (50)

 “September, 2015, we had planned to end our trip by visiting the town of Collioure. When one arrives by road, the best thing to do is to quickly find the campsite which suits you best, which gives you more time to settle down and make the most of your holidays. We discovered straight away the campsite and the surrounding creeks. Surprise, surprise; our location was situated a few metres away from the creek that had a direct access to a perfect spot for swimming….a  dream ! One morning I woke very early to make the most of the peacefulness only to be disturbed by the gentle rushing noise of the water flowing in the creek: absolutly beautiful ! The sun rose behind a magnificent boat anchored in front of the old city …… we’re savouring the moment, and no doubt this beautiful morning  will be there for us again ! Total joy !!”

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