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A weekend at Belle-Ile-en-Mer

Situated south of Brittany in the open sea, just off the Gulf of Morbihan lies Belle-Île-en-Mer, offering so many  opportunities to spend timeless holidays. The largest of the Brittany islands, Belle Ile has the ultimate peacefulness of the countryside in contrast to the rugged cliff faces along the water coast.


When on holidays in our Brittany Le French Time campsites, give yourself a  day trip to this island where 58 beaches of turquoise water await and take advantage of its wild coast !

Getting to Belle-Île-en-Mer: 

Belle Ile is accessible only by sea. The fastest way is to take a round ferry trip from Quiberon which is 15km from the island. The crossing is mainly pedestrian, however there is the possibility to put your car on the ferry ! Several companies also suggest crossings from Vannes, Port Navalo, le Croisic and la Turballe. It’s up to you to choose !

Upon your arrival you can rent a car on the spot at Le Palais, Belle-Ile’s main port. We suggest you rent bikes to discover the island in the open air ! Belle-Ile has approximately 80 kilometres of mapped bicycle tracks which are well away from  traffic. There are so many places where one can stop and take in  the most unique and stunning natural surroundings … it’s truly magnificent !

Walkers can test their fitness  along an 82 km  coastal path. It’s worthwhile wearing suitable footwear if you want to complete the whole trip.

You will find shops and restaurants in the 4 municipalities of the island: Le Palais, Bangor, Sauzon and Locmaria.

An escapade in wild beauty: 

The Marché du Palais is open every morning of the year, situated at Place de la  République. One can finds  fruit, vegetables and lots of locals with their own produce to sell. Fishmongers sell their early morning catch, an opportunity to try the island’s famous delicacy « goose-neck barnacle », this shellfish appears to look like raised fingers !

The historical citadel Vauban, founded in the eleventh century dominates the harbour of Le Palais and will take your breath away on arrival. A visit is a must during your stay on  Belle-Ile.

To swim your choices are numerous , 58 beaches ! The beach of Bordadoué situated in Le Palais area where beautiful fine sand meets the water, or the creek of Gros Rocher, which can be reached via a narrow path from  Kerviniec.

The southwest side of the island is the wildest. A walk to Les Aiguilles de Port-Coton where you will discover massive rocks and dramatic cliffs. The northwest extremity of the island, la Pointe des Poulains offers a majestic panorama of the ocean. La Pointe des Poulains on which is situated the mythical lighthouse  is accessible by a sandy pathway. Watch out for the high tide, as it can be quickly immersed in water. Don’t find yourselves trapped !

Time flies at Belle-Ile, so don’t miss the last boat to returning to your Castel !


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