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Camping Burgundy

Do you need to get some fresh air? Do you need to feel closer to nature? Are you looking to get back to basics, pure and simple? Come and browse our camping holidays in Burgundy, you won’t be…

Votre camping Le French Time Bourgogne

You will find a region with a rich culinary, historical and artistic heritage. Let’s start with Dijon of course, the city of the Dukes of Burgundy. Stroll around the small streets of the city centre, stop off for a coffee in front of one of the many cafés and admire the unique architecture all around you. Then head off to explore the vineyards just a few kilometres away. You will be able to taste the delicious wines while enjoying the superb surrounding landscapes. And why not go for a leisurely bike ride along the country roads before stopping off on the side of the road for a picnic? In Burgundy, you can unwind at your own pace. You will immediately feel right at home.

Are you concerned about the budget? Do you want to get away from the built-up areas? Look no further, choose a campsite in Burgundy. Come and discover all the wonders of this fantastic region. Nature, welcoming atmosphere, cultural wealth: no, you’re not mistaken, you have arrived in Burgundy. You will be welcomed with open arms.

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