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Campsite Montluçon

Welcome to the heart of France! Montluçon, the gateway to the Auvergne, provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities and cultural visits. Would you like to discover this charming medieval…

A camping trip to Montluçon: suggestions for nature excursions

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Have you slipped on your best hiking shoes? Are the tyres of your mountain bike fully inflated? Well then, it’s time to set off to explore the area around Montluçon! Head out to the forêt de Tronçais, Europe’s most impressive oak forest. Grab an oar, climb into a canoe and paddle down the Gorges du Cher or set off for a short cruise down the Berry canal. If you fancy doing a bit of climbing, head for Combrailles, between the Plateau de Millevaches and the monts d’Auvergne etc.

Visit to Montluçon, an old Bourbon city

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Your family holiday in the Ardèche is also an opportunity to explore the historic heritage of Montluçon, just a stone’s throw from Boussac, in the Creuse. Start with the Dukes of Bourbon’s Château, which has stood overlooking the town since 1370. From the top, you can look out over the entire city and the meandering reaches of the River Cher. Once back down, make for the medieval district of Saint-Pierre, with its half-timbered houses, the house of the Twelve Apostles and the beautiful 12th century Romanesque church. A real journey through time!


Culinary escape to Montluçon

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The “bocage bourbonnais” region is home to many delicious specialities that you should try during your camping holiday in Montluçon. It’s the cherry on the cake! “La pompe aux grattons”, a type of brioche with bits of ham or bacon, is something of a tradition in these parts and will quickly take centre stage in your family picnics. Unless you prefer some “pâté bourbonnais aux pommes de terre,” a pie filled with slices of potatoes and crème fraîche.... In the markets, you can find yourself some Chambérat, a cheese made from cow’s milk with a delicate hazelnut flavour.

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