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Campsite Granville

Fancy some fresh air? Granville, a small coastal town in La Manche, combines beautiful landscapes, an exceptional heritage and a great atmosphere all year round. In short, it has all the necessary…

Granville discovery tour: Upper-Town, Le Plat Gousset beach, Belle-Époque villas etc...

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Where would you like to start your trip to Granville? By visiting the port, France’s largest shellfish fishing port, or a walk along the ramparts in the Upper Town? Unless you would prefer to visit Christian Dior’s house, and gardens, which today has been converted to a museum retracing the life of the great designer. And if you fancy a little break, lay out your towel, and sit down and relax on Le Plat-Gousset beach.

Camping holidays in Granville: walks between land and sea

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It’s difficult to resist Granville’s unique charm and the pleasant atmosphere of the Upper and Lower Towns. However, it would be a shame not to explore the surrounding area. The beaches of Donville-les-Bains, Saint-Pair-sur-Mer, Jullouville as well as Carolles await you on the coastal side. Hike the vallée des Peintres, starting in Carolles, a rural valley that has inspired many painters. You can also visit the Lude Valley or La Lucerne Abbey. Or would you prefer an excursion to the Chausey Islands?


Granville’s local gourmet delights

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Your camping holiday in La Manche is also an opportunity to enjoy some local specialities. Whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth, it won’t take you long to realize that there’s something for all tastes! Once you’ve tasted a bit of salt marsh lamb from the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, you can treat yourself to a nibble of Normandy Camembert. And remember to try an “omelette mère Poulard”, unless you prefer some Bouchot mussels. And for dessert, treat yourself to a “crêpe à la normande” (apple pancake).

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