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Campsite Collioure



Unspoilt, natural landscapes, a unique and gentle way of life, delicious regional cuisine, a wealth of heritage treasures etc. Collioure really is heaven on earth! And to help you better appreciate…


Sorry, Le French Time don’t yet have any campsites or resorts at this destination.

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Camping holidays in Collioure: nature excursions between land and sea

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Collioure, nestled on the Mediterranean shoreline, on the Côte Vermeille, is a wonderful natural playground for fans of outdoor pursuits. The simplest way to enjoy it is to slip on your hiking shoes and set off with friends or family along the coastal trails where you can admire the breath-taking views over the glittering sea. Do you like climbing? Head towards the Massif des Albères and climb up to the tour Madeloc, perched at a height of 650 m and visible from Collioure, or make for Argelès and discover the delights of the Catalan coast. Not enough? There are numerous water sports available in the vicinity of Collioure: scuba diving, jet-skiing, kayaking, sailing etc.

Exploring Collioure’s historic heritage

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Collioure is a commercial port and former royal residence with an eventful history which you can discover by wandering around its streets. Your first stop should be Saint-Elme military fort, built in the 16th century, facing the sea, then head for the town’s royal castle, France’s last remaining Medieval castle! Perhaps you prefer beautiful pictures to old buildings? Follow in the footsteps of Henri Matisse and André Derain who drew inspiration from Collioure’s unique atmosphere to set up the Fauvism movement. You can also hop over to the Dali museum, a genuine architectural masterpiece, with an impressive collection of works by the master of surrealism.


Treat yourself to a gourmet break in Collioure

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Collioure, which is heavily influenced by Catalan culture, has a local cuisine that combines Mediterranean flavours with traditional Catalan specialities. The result? Generous seafood platters, fish freshly caught off the coast, fleshy, plancha-grilled shellfish etc. As a main course, you can opt for a plate of paella or a medley of grilled fish unless you’d prefer to try “cargolada,” Catalan-style grilled snails or Catalan lamb. Enjoy your meal!

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