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Campsite Cherbourg

The city of Cherbourg, at the tip of the Cotentin peninsula, has much to recommend it and is sure to delight. Are you ready to discover the treasures of this Normandy port? Book a pitch or holiday…


Sorry, Le French Time don’t yet have any campsites or resorts at this destination.

Maybe you’ll be tempted by one of our starred campsites in la Manche where you'll make everlasting memories.

Cherbourg, the perfect destination for fans of the open sea

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Did you know? Cherbourg has the world’s largest artificial harbour. And with its five ports - fishing, commercial, cruise ships, naval and a marina - Cherbourg is very much a seaward-oriented city. As a matter of interest, the Titanic made its only European port-of-call at Cherbourg, before sailing off to its doomed fate. So, camping holidays in Cherbourg always start with a walk along the docks and coast, breathing in some good sea air.

Exploring Cherbourg’s heritage

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After you’ve had your fill of seaside pleasures, it’s time to explore the city of Cherbourg and its surroundings! Amongst the must-see treasures during your camping holiday in La Manche, the château des Ravelet figures highly. You should also check out the Cité de la Mer museum, housed within the old transatlantic train station, an Art Deco masterpiece. Continue your visit by retracing the footsteps of Vauban, Napoleon and Queen Mathilde, each of whom have, in turn, left their architectural footprint on the city.

Gourmet stopover in Cherbourg

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Feeling peckish? Things couldn’t have worked out better...The Cotentin peninsula is definitely a foodies’ paradise. If you need convincing, try some “Beurre” and “Crème d'Isigny” (butter and crème fraiche) or dip a teaspoon into a a pot of “confiture de lait” (caramel spread). Spread thickly on a bit of “ gâche,” a type of local brioche, or on a slice of “fallue,” another type of brioche with a bun-like texture. Indulge in the sugary sweetness of the Créances carrot and the incomparable flavour of the Normandy scallop. Yum!

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