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Camping in Caen

Are you ready to discover the city of William the Conqueror? Although the city of Caen is famous for having one of Europe’s largest walled fortifications, many other treasures await you during your…

Exploring Caen city centre, from Saint-Sauveur to the marina

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Caen suffered greatly during the Second World War with the bombing destroying more than 70% of the Normandy city. But the reconstructed buildings, which were mostly built with Caen stone, form a pleasant urban landscape. Fans of old, architectural heritage and cobbled streets will enjoy strolling down the charming Rue Froid, through the Saint-Sauveur district and the area around the Jardin des Plantes, which is home to some magnificent residences. Next, a short trip down to the marina is enough to remind you that a few year’s ago, the city was renamed Caen la Mer!

Escape to Caen and the surrounding area: between the sea and Normandy’s hedgerows

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Do you fancy a bit of fresh air? The racetrack and greenways in Caen await you - they're the perfect place for a walk, jog or bike excursion. After exploring the lanes and pathways around William the Conqueror’s Castle and the gardens of the Abbaye aux Dames, head to the coast, to Ouistreham or Cabourg for some sea air. Do you prefer the countryside to the coast? That’s no problem; head to the Suisse Normande, charming rolling countryside just twenty minutes from Caen, or the Forêt de Grimbosq with its numerous trails. 


A foodie date with Caen’s gastronomic specialities

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Your camping holiday in the Calvados is also an ideal opportunity to sample a fine selection of local specialities. If you find the idea of Caen-style tripe a little off-putting, then consider seafood, freshly landed that morning: scallops or even Normandy oysters. Follow up with a slice of Normandy tart or even a few “sablé” shortbread biscuits, that originate from Caen. Unless you prefer to try “Teurgoule”, a dessert derived from traditional rice pudding, that you can easily find on the dairy stalls in the town’s markets.

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