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Campsite Bergerac

Enjoy a unique camping holiday in the charming city of Bergerac, which stands proudly on the banks of the Dordogne. Book your pitch in one of our high-end establishments and set off to discover the…

A nature tour in the heart of the Pays de Bergerac: from the forêt du Landais to Monbazillac

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Genuine earthly paradises await you in the Bergerac region. Once you’re settled in your Dordogne campsite, set out for the forêt du Landais, and its numerous trails, or walk along the banks of the river Espérance. Then head to Monbazillac for a hike through the vines or yomp through the Gardonnette Valley? Need a short break? Put your bags down in Ribagnac or Château de Bridoire.

Bergerac, “ville et pays d’art et d’histoire” (town and region of art and history)

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It’s time to put paid to a popular myth...No, Cyrano never roamed the cobbled streets of Bergerac! Too bad for him as the town is full of treasures. Start by exploring the small streets and charming squares where you can get lost for hours, gazing upwards admiring the half-timbered façades and pointed arch windows. Then soak up the laid-back atmosphere of the city’s markets before heading to a shady terrace or the river to admire the flat-bottom barges. Moments of pure relaxation await you!


Gourmet stopover in Bergerac

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Feeling peckish? Head for the market stalls and choose some regional produce. In summer, you’ll find an abundance of strawberries and melons to tempt you, followed by walnuts and chestnuts to brighten up your autumn tables. You should also try a nibble of goose foie gras, served with a glass of Monbazillac or opt for some local free-range chicken. A real treat!

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