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Campsite for children

Camping is for the whole family, especially if you choose a campsite with all the facilities you could dream of, for a holiday that can be as exhilarating as it is relaxing. Le French Time campsites…

A great time to be had by all on a campsite with your children.

Staying on the 3, 4 or 5-star campsites will be an opportunity to try out new activities as a family, with friends, all suitable for children. On our campsites, we've thought of everything to ensure your children don’t get bored. There are hours of fun to be had in our water parks and swimming pools, always under the watchful eye of qualified lifeguards.

Children will be thrilled to discover the many pools on the campsites with waterslides, straight slides and spiral ones. Young children can have fun in complete safety in the paddling pools.


Campsites centred around children, for a fun holiday

Children will be delighted to come to one of our campsites for their next holiday. The play areas on our campsites are always in a lush-green setting and children will love testing their limits here. Play areas with swings, slides, see-saw, games to test your balance and climbing frames, all children will be able to enjoy these areas as they please on our campsites.

Depending on their age, children will love building sandcastles in our sand pits or challenging their friends on the multisport pitches.Depending on the season, campsites will also provide inflatable structures.

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