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Your canoe-kayak holidays

This Summer, you’ve decided,  water sport is going to be your thing ! But  where to begin ? What does one need to know first ? What equipment is needed ? You have been wondering about all these things for days now,  Here is some advice !


The sport of Canoeing- Kayak can be adapted to any skill level, from beginners to the competent one  thing for sure is everyone will have fun in the water ! This activity is practised along rivers or in the sea for those who prefer a more challenging ride. You can discover beautiful landscapes during your trip, remember to take a camera with you in a water proof case.

The camping Le French Time which offer this activity are numerous: Les Castels Le Domaine de l’Orangerie de Lanniron campsite in Bretagne, Les Castels Le Château de Poinsouze campsite in Creuse, Les Castels L’Anse du Brick campsite in Cotentin, Les Castels Le Château de l’Epervière campsite in Bourgogne, or Les Castels Le Caussanel campsite...

Canoeing will allow you to glide quietly on the calm waters of a lake, on the brisk running water of a river, or in the swell of the sea. You will discover various landscapes from villages, water ways, valleys, and coast lines.

A bit of advice for your first outing, opt for light anti-UV clothing which allows your skin to breathe. In Summer, you can wear your swimsuit, a pair of shorts over the top and a light weight sports top, long or short sleeved. Take a windbreak or an anorak, as you can never predict the weather !  Don’t forget your sun  glasses  necessary for the glare and your protective skin cream, a cap will also very useful. It is essential to wear a life jacket which will be be supplied  when you rent the canoe. Closed type shoes  like” aquashoes ” are necessary because you will be walking in water so need to protect your feet ! Think of taking an extra set of clothes in  a water proof backpack to change into when the trip is over.Finally, a bottle of water and cereal bars for a snack in case you get hungry !

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