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Tourism : discovering Rocamadour

Do you know Rocamadour ? This sacred village is situated in the South West of France and is part of the Lot area the region of Occitania. It is situated in the Valley of Dordogne, which is a popular tourist area. How about  exploring this small village situated on the edge of a cliff and make your starting point at our Les Castels Le Domaine de la Faurie et Sites et Paysages Le Moulin de Chaules campsites.


Rocamadour : a vertiginous and historic city

Perched on a cliff, this village was built on three successive levels over hanging a 150 metre deep canyon, below the river Alzou flows. It’s as if the houses, roofs and churches are all part of the rock face ! The aerial view of the village is extremely impressive with the Castle dominating this extraordinary vista.



View from the top of the castle of the Rocamadour village

During your visit at Rocamadour, you’ll have the opportunity to stroll along the main street of Couronnerie, a unique  and vibrant street of Rocamadour, with its numerous restaurants and shops. You will then arrive at the foot of a monumental staircase, 216 steps ! ”The Great Staircase”  is a monument within its self ! It will allow you to reach the Basilica Saint-Sauveur and the crypt Saint-Amadour, classified in the Heritage World of UNESCO.

In the Middle Ages, Rocamadour was much admired and pilgrims flocked from all over Europe to come and pray before the statue Vierge Noire, which is  within the chapel of Notre-Dame, the ultimate of the eight churches and chapels present on this remarkable staircase.



Pilgrimage church of Notre Dame in Rocamadour

Finally, don’t miss the vertiginous panoramic view from the Castle which dominates the Sanctuary and the village. Fortunately, the castle’s ramparts are still open to visitors !

Rocamadour is a truly beautiful  city where one can discover it by climbing each level one by one.

Its surroundings ?

Approximately 20 minutes from the village of Rocamadour, you can discover the gouffre de Padirac, known world wide as the most popular underground grotto in France. It is recognised as the most frequently visited cave in France and the most fascinating in Europe. If your not claustrophobic, we highly recommend that you explrore this reùarkable site 100 meters below the earth’z surface where you will  experience an unforgettable boat journey along the underground Padirac river !



View of the sky from the gouffre de padirac in south of France

Don’t wait any longer and come and visit this magnificent village during your stay at our Les Castels Le Domaine de la Faurie et Sites et Paysages Le Moulin de Chaules campsites !


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