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The culinary specialities of Charente-Maritime.

The gastronomy of our regions….What a joy ! The flavours of our country are so rich and delicious, I am sure you will agree ?

If you spend time visiting Charente-Maritime this year, you will appreciate numerous typical authentic dishes that we all adore 🙂


We would love to share with you three simple regional recipes that are too delicious to be missed…Farci Poitevin, Broyé du Poitou and Mussels

Farci Poitevin is served as a cold entrée. A terrine with bacon and green vegetables … local ingredients such as eggs and white breadcrumbs finally wrapped up in a cabbage leaf. If this preparation seems a little unusual, we can assure you that we love it and recommend that you try it during your next stay!


The Broyé du Poitou … Is a delicious rich and buttery shortbread biscuit than can be enjoyed at any time of the day… Take care of your figure everyone !

The good news is, that you can find these biscuits in the stores under the brand name Augereau and Goulibeur, then no one misses out, so you can understand…it is the ideal present and memento for freinds;

Lastly, we must mention the seasoned mussel dish. This renowned recipe, served with sour cream mixed with curry spices, is best with farmed mussels « Moule de Bouchot ».


Finally, you have all that you need to cook a whole lunch or dinner with these delicacies of Charente-Maritime …

We wish you « Bon  appétit » … And for the time being, we are now planning our next stay in the region 🙂


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