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Some exercises to relax during your car trip

The long drive to  your holiday destination  requires your full attention and to say the least your back and neck muscles. Whilst driving in the continuous seated position muscular spasms and tension can appear. Here are some exercises and solutions to help keep you in shape and for you to arrive at your Le French Time campsite as relaxed and serene as possible.


Breathing and walking !

The 1st exercise to do in order to relax, is to breathe slowly and deeply several times: breathe in completely and then exhale through the mouth… To be practised whilst in the car or when  you have pulled over in a rest area !

Once stopped, walk around a bit to activate your muscles which have been tense for sometime now.

We can  never  over estimate  the importance of telling you to stretch !

Once  « warmed up » practise some simple stretching excercises to relax your muscles and to avoid cramps.

Out stretch your arms holding  them horizontally in front of you, twist your wrists , palms towards the sky. Finally stretch your shoulders.

For muscles situated at the top of the back, whilst standing place the palms of your hands on the nape of the neck. Breathing out slowly drop your head  gently forward by pressing with your hands.

Still standing, tighten your arms and cross them behind your back.Take your  left hand and catch your right wrist and pull it downwards. Repeat the movement by inverting the arms (the right hand pulls down the left wrist).

There is no need of any particular equipment to practise these stretching exercises, the car door or the hood of the car will be enough to stretch your back. 

According to your flexibility, put one foot on the bumper bar. Keeping both legs  tightened, bend slowly forward by trying to grasp your knee or your ankle if you can ! Keep  the same position for a few seconds and then change sides.

Standing up, legs slightly bent and opened out, drop your upper body forward  gently without forcing – let your hands sweep the ground, whilst breathing out slowly.

 To drive in best conditions, it’s important to sit correctly whilst driving aligned in front of the steering wheel .   

– Raise your car seat if necessary, the more  vertical, the better it  will be for  your body  comfort .

– Make sure the seat is positioned so your legs are almost outstretched .  The arms must be slightly bent when touching the steering wheel.

– To support the natural curve of your back, you can place a small  roll pillow specifically for the lumbar region [or a rolled towel ] which will ease  any strain on the area.

It is recommended that you take two hourly breaks at a roadside  cafe / fuel station. You will find numerous  relaxation facilities and playgrounds for young ones !

Share the driving if you can, it gives your eyes a rest and you can relax.

Have a good trip !



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