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Our tips for surfing in Saint-Malo

Holidays, it is the ideal time to discover new activities ! During your stay in one of our 5 star camping Les Castels on the Brittany coast, you will have the opportunity to discover so many aquatic activities like surfing at St Malo. If you are staying at Le Château de Galinée, Les Ormes Domaine & Resort, à Bellevue ou encore au Château de Lez Eaux campsites, you can discover Saint-Malo’s beautiful fortified city and its endless beaches. 

Surfing: a real philosophy 

Surfing is a very satisfying and stimulating sport, a way of life, even a philosophy for those passionate about the sport. It has considerably and become more and more popular: Californian and European coast lines are places not to be missed in a lifetime !


surfing at st malo


The devoteed of this sport can testify its positive impact on a daily life. Time spent surfing revolves around several aspects: one falls several times, then gets up to face the waves ! Each time is different because the surfer becomes experienced, growing stronger, and more cofident. It’s this positive attitude which can be used in day to day life being the sport which affects a whole lifestyle.

Similar activities can have the same and know certain success rate also: longboard, shortboard, and also the bodyboard or even still the stand-up paddle. All these sports have a similar outcome culturally and historicaly.

The best surfing spots

Brittany is a well known and recognised region for surfers. In the North and South of Brittany there are several spots for beginners and for those more experienced !


surfing at st malo

Surf at St Malo

The beaches of St Malo are numerous, all have easy access. If you are tempted to  experience surfing for the first time, we suggest Le Sillon beach which is known to be an excellent surfing spot situated close to St Malo’s center. Autumn, is a perfact time as the tide rises. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer all levels are catered for.

The Rochebonne beach is situated in the area of Paramé, at the very end of the extensive beach of Sillon. A beautiful white sandy beach, frequented by local  families and tourists, it is one of the most popular surfing beaches. One can understand why as the waves are just spectacular !

There are several surfing schools at St Malo, the professionals are only too happy to help you discover the wonders of water sports !

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