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Discover Saint-Tropez in winter: our advice for a unique experience

Saint-Tropez, this charming small village in the South of France,well known for it’s  thousands of tourists descending as the high season begins, so therefore there are many advantages in visiting during the off season.

If you wish to make the most of a peaceful time in Saint-Tropez, we suggest  discovering the region in winter and from march to november and stay at Les Castels Le Domaine de la Bergerie.

In winter, Saint-Tropez offers a magnificent landscape for those who love the outdoors, nature and sunshine. You can make the most of deserted beaches by having long peaceful walks, a delicious meal in a restaurant along the beach, shielded from the wind ! It is a very good way to rejuvenate and be ready to face the greyness of january and february.

Winter Day at the French Riviera 4

In November, Christmas lights bring quite an unusual charm to Saint Tropez. An ice skating rink is installed at the parking lot of  Place des Lices. Some wooden huts shelter the Christmas market, the port is magnificent with all its lights, and last but not least the facades expose a sublime array of colours ! Even the boats partake in the ambience and illuminate their masts ! The 24th December, Father Christmas sails in by boat backed by the melodic sounds of a fairytale melody .

For athletic types who want to take advantage of the fresh air whilst jogging Visit the beach at Pampelone, the beaches at Salins or at Graniers. Time spent in the soft daylight is a very relaxing experience and will realign the perfect rhythm of life.

With  300 days of sunshine a year, the Winter holiday period will provide a soft climate, neither too warm, nor too cold,but a breathtaking feeling of sunlight.

You will have the opportunity to stroll freely in the narrow streets of this typical village, appreciate the open-air market, have a drink at a open terrace, visit artist studios and end the day with dinner at a fancy restaurant !


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