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Discover Limoges, a city of history !

Needing a few days to unwind, but not wanting to go too far, which is often something we dream of of doing. This is the reason why we suggest you visit Limoges and the camping Les Castels Le Chatêau de Leychoisier.

Limoges is a city situated in the centre of south west France, the commemoration of the two thousand year heritage city has been earned the title” City of Art and History” and a much sought after tourist destination.

The City centre


Almost empty street restaurants on Rue Haute Cite. Located near the Limoges Cathedral, this place attracts a lot of tourists in evening

Almost empty street restaurants on Rue Haute Cite. Located near the Limoges Cathedral, this place attracts a lot of tourists in evening

Amongst the districts to be discovered, the area of the city and its half-timbered houses are an attraction. Planned around the Cathedral Saint-Etienne which dominates the valley of Vienne, it is established as one of the most historical areas of the city. Situated east of the city centre, around the perimeter, the vestiges of a medieval city remain inviting you to wander through its winding streets and to discover why the city is abundant in so many creative ways. Its centre is the Cathedral Saint-Etienne, the main church of Limoges.

The district of the Castle

Another district of the city is the area where the castle was established around the former abbey Saint Martial and the ancient castle of the Viscounts of Limoges. Historically, diametrically opposite the district of the city. Shops and major monuments are found along the busy streets which surround the Place du République and the Place de la Motte.

Limoges, the porcelain capital

The area is well known for its beautifully decorated porcelain. A large collection was presented to the National Museum Adrien Dubouché. Born between 1765 and 1770, at the time kaolin was discovered, being the material essential for its creation, this porcelain became the answer and establishment of the unique brand Porcelain of Limoges, known world wide for its quality, translucency and its beauty. You can visit the old ovens in the Haviland factory, one of the makers of Montjovis, restored in 1856 and also there is Laporte factory.

The village Martyr


Oradour sur Glane France

Oradour sur Glane France

Situated a few kilometres from Limoges, Oradour-sur-Glane offers you a journey back in time. This old village of the Haute-Vienne, was destroyed on the 10th June 1944 by the German army. It was one of the largest massacres of civilians committed by the German army in France. The ruins remain intact and a constant and integral part of the memory. Visitors can absorb this atmosphere and remember how such a place of suffering and martyrdom remains to this day.

So many interesting places to discover during your escapade to Les Castels Le Château de Leychoisier...



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