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Children on holidays … How to occupy them !

Occuping children during the holidays … Is not always an easy task. Whether they spend their holidays with grandparents, friends or simply with you, it can become difficult to keep them amused.

Before you do anything else, we suggest you read the following internet page which lists camping sites suitable for families : here.

You will find accommodation which offers Kids Clubs for children ranging from 4 to 12 years of age, which is ideal for entertaining younger ones during their stay.


If this year a  Kids Club is not offered in your camping Le French Time ground, here are some ideas we can suggest :

  • Let your child socialize: encourage them to meet others of similar age… Little ones are always delighted to make new friends on holidays … this can only make for happy memories 🙂

A way of finding a friend for your liitle one is by socializing  with the parents of another child. With a little luck you will also be delighted and spend happy times with new friends!

  • Focus on creative activities: make the most of beautiful days by taking your favorite hobbies to the beach or swimming pool.

Decorate a swimsuit, encourage your child to paint using watercolors, make Brazilian bracelets, make a personized holiday album … Your children will be delighted to work with their hands and proud to show their work when they return to school.

  • Organize a sand castle competition or construct a tree house in the forest.

Competitions work each time! Encourage the adults to form teams and make the competition last for a few days ! Children will be delighted to share these moments with their family and happy to win a small prize at the end !

  • If your children are old enough to cook, organize a cooking evening workshop in your area.

Let them plan the menu, go shopping and create their own recipes… They will be overjoyed and will appreciate the independace given to them We guarantee a dinner mixed with laughter and pride.

We hope that these few ideas have inspired you! Don’t hesitate to comment in sharing your experiences 🙂

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