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Brittany in may

As usual during the month of may we are lucky to have so many public holidays  giving us more opportunity  to enjoy a long weekend away.Whats  better than planning your trip a few months in advance ? We suggest you discover Brittany and its  endless beautiful beaches ! 


Mor-Bihan means “smail sea » in Breton. This symbolic place in the south of Brittany is included in the list  of the most visited beautiful bays in the world, as is the bay  of Ha-Long in Vietnam and the San Francisco bay in the United States. Morbihan is a unique place where the sand and the sea meet and create exceptional landscapes.

Make the most of a few days of relaxation in an idyllic environment immersed in the Breton culture surrounded by its heritage and history. The « alignments of Carnac » leave you with wonderful memories,wander around the city and visit cultural venues where you will discover  music and the Breton dance. To see: «  Fête des Menhirs » memories will linger after visiting Carnacois, the Château de Suscinio , the Chapelle de la Madeleine and la Voile Eric Tabarly.

For the city people we suggest  you explore Lorient ! Take time to have a drink in the historic centre of Lorient, A harbour city to be discovered !

At the central point south of Finistère, discover the city of Quimper and its medieval history. A classified city of art and history. Quimper will also impress you by its ever green landscape  and the abundantly  beautiful flowers on display which decorate the old streets and the nearby villages. The are many tourists in Summer, being close to the sea and having  many scenic sites  well worth a visit  such as the Pointe du Raz, enjoy  the beauty of the city. In mid-July, The Festival of Cornouaille offers an insight into  the Breton culture, its diversity and its wealth.

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