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Recipe of the day : the Paris-Brest

In the shape of a crown, the base is made of puff pastry, filled with praline flavoured mousse then scattered with flaked almonds.

Paris-Brest was created in 1910 by the pastry cook Louis Durand due to a request from the creator of the famous bike race bearing the same name . Originally the shape of the cake represented the wheel of a bike !


This delicious dessert is loved by gourmands and those seduced by shops where pastry cooks update and experiment, adding unique enhancing flavours.


The come back of Le Paris Brest

Choux Paris-Brest pastry

Sometimes renowned pastry cooks have spoilt the almost sacred aura of the original recipe. Christophe Michalak has made Paris-Brest in the style of an ice cream flavour Paris-Brest Noisette Vanille. Sensational, Cyril Lignac who is seen on the billboard on M6 as Meilleur Pâtissier shares with us his recipe, encouraging us to try it at home.

Not to miss: 

If you are staying at Les Castels Le Château de Galinée campsite, we suggest you make a detour towards  the tearoom of La Belle Meunière at St Cast le Guildo to enjoy their  delicious cakes.

At Saint Malo, near Les Castels Les Ormes, Domaine & Resort, the tea room of Stéphane Denis has a reputation of serving the best Paris-Brest in the city.

Don’t hesitate to share your comments and favourite addresses for this delicious Breton speciality !

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