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60 years of fashion history: from the 90s to the present day

The Castels by Le French Time have retraced the past 60 years of fashion and it’s trends. For this special occasion being the anniversary of Castels, we would like to share with you what we discovered was the most popular clothing over the past 60 years.


The year of the 90’s

Crop tops, high waisted jeans, bomber jackets.. From Spice Girls to Beverly Hills, the fashion of the 90s is at the heart of the TV series and clips of pop stars of the moment.

For the look, we fall for faded jeans, basic t-shirts, hair scrunchies and mini dresses, overalls and wedges. Hip-hop becomes popular, Will Smith’s colourful style in the sitcom « Prince of Bel-Air » giving ideas for a little more extravagant and colourful outfits. In France, Vanessa Paradis is recognised as a fashion icon of this generation.

The outstanding swimsuit is Pamela Anderson’s, bright red, one-piece and very sexy.


Going back 60 years in fashion - 90's

Going back 60 years in fashion – 90’s

The year 2000

The transition to the year 2000  plunged fashion into the era of fishnet, rhinestones and studs. In the bling bling of the year 2000, we find one must  be seen with pierced belly buttons, coloured glasses and Vans on the feet ! Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani proudly wear this fashion and represent teen idols.

Summer, tight tops above the belly button, jeans close to the body and jewelled belts to sparkle


Going back 60 years in fashion - 2000'

Going back 60 years in fashion – 2000′

The years 2010

The beginning of 2010 is represented by over-consumption and fast-fashion with big brands like Zara, H & M, Mango … The key pieces: the timeless denim shirt, the liberty print, the return of the lace, the sea going style for Summer and Winter and of course,  Stan Smith on the feet.

At the end of 2010, we give more importance to small creators, we try to consume less, spend better, and have a preference to buy local products. We find our inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest. We mix all styles to move towards “an ethical garment”!


Going back 60 years in fashion - 2010

Going back 60 years in fashion – 2010

And you, what are the clothes that have marked you the most ?



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