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3 typical dishes of Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Nord-Pas-de-Calais is a border region abundant with delicious culinary specialities. Being in the  centre of Europe, the cuisine is inspired by  it’s surrounding countries offering speciality  dishes with a wide variety of  choice !

Surrounded by the influences of Belgium, England and Poland the regional gastronomy combines  the earth and marine life in it’s recipes. Products such as cheese, potatoes and  herrings. Dishes are prepared mainly with butter and beer, adding a delicate yet bitter flavour.


A few  insights  into three traditional dishes which are often found in the local taverns:


Le Potjevleesch:  


Also called « potch » this dish has Flemish origins, it  aptly means ” the small jar of meat “. Despite its medieval roots, the dish is still popular and just as delicious as ever . Consisting of four different types of meat marinated in white wine or  beer, before  cooking. It  is served cold wrapped in a  delicate jelly, served with French fries and a variety of salad leaves. There are multiple recipes some more or less sophisticated … An almost compulsory tasting if you stay in the region !


 La tarte aux Maroilles or Flamiche:  


This symbolic regional cheese is not only eaten for dessert ! The only cheese to have the accreditation AOC of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. The Maroilles cheese can also be served as a tart to have a more intense flavour ! Maroilles is a soft cheese, smooth, with a red and orange coloured crust. The traditional recipe  using Maroilles cheese is made with a fully raised dough on which fine slices of cheese are placed (with its golden crust). 20 min in the oven and it’s done !

Absolutely  delicious, especially if accompanie with a local beer, the cook will appear to be a cheese expert when serving this !


La carbonade Flamande :


Known as “beef bourguignon” of the North, it is a wonderful traditional stew ! Having a sweet and sour  flavour the carbonade is based on beef and  eaten with spiced bread, and as always, a must, traditional french fries . First of all the pieces of beef are  simmered with spices and brown sugar in a casserole, the beer is added  which will enhance the flavours  giving  off a delicious fragrance. Food lovers will love to dip their French fries into the caramelised sauce ! Ah the aroma.


This  is only an appetizer ! Nord-Pas-de-Calais has numerous speciality  dishes which you will enjoy discovering in the many breweries and friendly inns as you wander  through this delightful region .



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