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Zoos near Le French Time campsites

There are several zoos a few hours from Le French Time campsites ! A golden opportunity to see the animals of the savanna and discover some rare species ! People of all ages will be enthralled by this adventure...



Zoo de la Palmyre

A 90 minute drive from Les Castels Le Village Western campsite, you will find one of the most renowned zoos in France. Polar bears, giraffes, monkeys and majestic pink flamingos welcome you to the  Zoo of Palmyre. In the heart of an 18 hectare pine forest  you can sight more than 1600 mammals, birds and reptiles representing 115 different species.

Zoo des Sables

It’s only 30 minutes by car from Les Castels La Garangeoire campsite, here you will discover a zoo unlike any  other. The Zoo des Sables differs because of its commitment to the conservation of flora and fauna. The green spaces are managed according to an ecological charter and the zoo supports projects that preserves endangered species. You can admire more than 300 exotic animals of which more than half are the subject of Europes protective measures.

Zoo de Beauval

You will be welcomed by gorillas, giraffes, lions and other animals of all kinds amongst 22 hectares of the Park de Beauval. It is not surprising that the zoo is classified amongst the most beautiful wildlife parks in the world ! The zoo Parc is also the first maternity hospital for wild animals in France with an average birth rate of 450 a year ! Newborns never fail to bring joy to everyone !

Zoo de la Flèche

Within an hour of the camping site Les Castels Le Château de Chanteloup campsite, you can discover in reality the zoo much admired on TV titled ” A season in the zoo “. Established in 1946, the Zoo de la Flèche was the first private zoo in France.

On 14 hectares, the park shelters 1500 animals stemming from 150 different species ! Reptiles, birds and mammals, you will not know which way to turn there is so much to be seen and admired !

Zoo de Thoiry

Remaining in your own car you can discover the 8 kilometres African reserve of Thoiry ! Zebras, rhinoceros, hippopotamuse and gnus will come to greet you ! You can also come across the cheetahs, leopards and tigers in their domain thanks to a footbridge !

Guaranteed to be a memorable visit !


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