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Discover in the same place, an unusual campsite and a western riding school : Le Village Western !


Would you like to introduce yourself  ?

I am Valérie Peroux, of Les Castels Le Village Western campsite.

Le Village Western

What is your role within your Les Castels by Le French Time campsite ?

With my husband and  sister-in-law, the three of us complement each other and have worked well together to give our identity to this establishment. In  particular I am in charge  of the administrative area, but I wear many hats like most of my colleagues. What is special about our Castel is that the uniqieness of our Castel equestrian facility. Having horses having  horses around brings a and veterinary healthy atmosphere.

Since when does your campsite exist ? Can you describe it ?

The creation of this family campsite dates back to 1985. It was initiated by my husband Arnaud’s aunt and uncle and of course my sister in law, Stephanie. Following their deaths only a few months apart, we had the opportunity to decide  whether to keep the estate. Their holidays and memories have become our business ! That’s how since 1997 we have shaped this place with our history in mind (among other situations, the Martin storm of December 1999 which destroyed almost all of our working tools) and our little touch of madness (a lot of our own construction, a theme always well thought out …). We have always paid attention to this unique and homogeneous character. Themes are present in different places: in the decoration and architecture of the buildings regarding the visual part, also in the activity area offered to holidaymakers, plus the sporting and symbolic theme of the horses, since our professional equestrian center functions for the rest of the year.

What are your values and your ambitions for the future ?

Passion is a value almost like any other. I think it’s one of the trademarks of our company. Arnaud is passionate about what he does. This shows in everything he undertakes. Our status as an unusual company owes him a lot. We followed his imagination and his relentless courage. It has boosted our creativity and generated new ideas. And above all we worked very hard to welcome holidaymakers at home. And in terms of our ambitions: we have not fully completed our Western style village as we have planned so we are continuing to develop this project, keeping alive this small flame !

Can you tell us an anecdote ?  Your best memory ?

The day I helped one of our mares to foal, it was in the heart of the month of July in front of our fortunate holidaymakers. Tenny was in the pre-visible area of a mobile home with this amazing view. There were guests who came to get me while they were preparing their tea after lunch. From the window of their kitchen they witnessed the first signs of foaling, the unusual behaviour of the mother to be alerted them. They were right. It was one month ahead of our veterinary planning, nothing had presented to show this was a possibility. Suddenly on this beautiful sunny Monday holidaymakers came with their seats to settle around the field, to attend this magical moment.

Your favourite place in the estate ?

The stables, and the life that follows on. From foals to horses, this contact with animals is my little « Marcel Proust moment with his madeleine cake » ! Otherwise our reception building and my office. Its decor and pieces bought from various places give me so much pleasure, fortunately, considering the time we spend there !

What is your favourite moment according to the seasons ?

The bellowing stag is a delight ! It announces the end of Summer and  the fact that this important season  is over and as usual we gave it everything. It also announces the novelty of the future season and to prepare. In Summer its more the sunny days where a  few of  our guests are  up and awake ready to share the invigorating morning before starting a marathon day. Winter is when I selfishly enjoy the property !




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