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What’s to do with your pets when you go on holidays ?

We adore our fluffy pets but as much as we love them, sometimes it is impossible to take them to a holiday resort. The majority of our Le French Time campsites authorize your pets on the campsites, but some don’t give access to animals.

We agree everyone needs a holiday, even our beloved pets.

Here are some suggestions regarding the care of your pet, so you can be worry free over your holiday period.

  • Consider asking family or friends

You may have an aunt who has always had a soft spot for your cat Albert ! She may thoroughly enjoy the company for a short time. Think of people who are not going away for the holiday period and who maybe bored on their own.

Sometimes we feel we can’t ask around us for help but it can be that often it gives so much pleasure to someone.

A small gift of thanks will show your gratitude. Entrusting your pet to someone shows how much you trust them and the confidence you have in their care.

  • Exchange your Pet

There is a trend, which is practical, where by you might like to care for a friends animal whist they are on vacation and at a different time they will mind yours.

If the animals are compatible this can be a happy arrangement for all.

  • Placing pets in a kennel

If your pet likes company these places provide excellent facilities and can easily be checked out.

  • Hire a dog sitter

Students often love to mind pets, moving into your home can be fun and your pets routine is unchanged. Your pet will love the attention.

As you can see thee are solutions for you to enjoy your holiday knowing your pet is well cared for


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