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What to do during rainy holidays ?

The weather report hasn’t spared  France these last few weeks, so much rain and flooding. The headlines of the media have kept us up to date, its been one of the many discussions in the cafes.


If some people think that rainy weather can spoil our holidays , we can suggest  how you can make the most of your time.


You don’t find the time to see exhibitions and other cultural activities during year ? Make the most of the holiday period to make up for lost time.

We suggest you might like an appropriate theme for the day if you are taking your children. It is always more interesting to find a museum which stimulates  the curiosity of young ones… For example, the chocolate museum is always a great success 🙂

Regional cooking lessons

Gourmand, you like discovering the culinary specialities of the regions that you visite. How about taking advantage of the bad weather learning to cook the unique local recipes ?

This creates an opportunity to surprise and entertain your friends on your return home 🙂


When its rainingr, shopping malls are a great source of comfort 🙂 Even if your partner is not so keen to follow in your footsteps all day long, find a pretext to spend the day under cover 😉

Indoor swimming pool

If your campsite doesn’t have an indoor pool, suggest meeting at the local public swimming pool … Of course, you won’t be the only ones to have thought of this idea to fill your day.

To avoid the crowd, spending a few hours in a spa not far from your holiday resort can be very relaxing. You may find there will be less people.

A snail hunt 

One does what they can to have fun in the rain ! 😉


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