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Unique holiday between ocean, lakes forests and vineyards

See you in Gironde where you can spend an unforgettable holiday. Not far from Bordeaux, you can start by basing yourself within our campsite at Les Castels Le Village Western. Where all the amusement options are situated ,there is the ocean, lakes or forest you can choose between numerous activities not forgetting the surrounding vineyards, So much to discover !

Calm and Blissful Holidays !

Allow yourself to be seduced by the atmosphere at 4 stars Les Castels Le Village Western campsite ! Discover in this unique space a riding school which will delight both horse and pony riding enthusiasts. Whether young or old  you will be astounded by the decor  of the time  and the accomodation on offer . The quiet and relaxed atmosphere which emanates from this place.


Unique holiday, le village western campsite

Le Village Western Les Castels

You can always try the Native Indian  way by choosing a teepee or remain more traditional with a well equiped mobile home with a choice of activities, you will never be bored. You have the choice between  aquatic sports, biking, hiking  in perfect settings or the team sports on dedicated  infrastructures (soccer, basket ball, tennis ) Finally, if you prefer a more  relaxing getaway take a seat on a deck chair at the edge of the swimming pool and forget everything !

Discovering Bordeaux.

Bordeaux , the world wide capital of wine has more treasures to seduce you. Before tasting in moderation, go and visit the museum City of Wine  which will offer you a global view of the early civilisations of the universal wine industry, it’s heritage and cultural  dimensions. It’s a visit made in such a way that is fun as well as being instructive  through the thematic  and interactive spaces.

After, take advantage of the opportunity to stroll through the pedestrian streets of ‘ little Paris ‘  and taste one of their famous  caneles, so delicious. The city centre of Bordeaux wasn’t classified by UNESCO  World Heritage for nothing ! It abounds in truly wonderful architectural treasures.


Finally, end you exciting discovery at the Tower  Pey-Berland and take in the panoramic view of all the districts in the city, Bordeaux is really  magnificent, you will fall for amazing it’s charm !

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