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The most beautiful waterfalls in France

This year, an original theme can be the defining moment of your camping holiday : waterfalls ! Go in search of the most beautiful waterfalls of France, you will not be disappointed !



These extradinary landmarks in nature draw tourists in large numbers. Visitors from around the world yearn to see them with their own eyes and to feel the sense of freedom and  majesty which it prevails. Depending on the region, waterfalls are more or less easily accessable because they can be situated at the end of a long walk within the mountain range. We have selected some amazing sites which would be sure to help you.

Situated in the Hautes-Pyrénées,  one of the most beautiful cascades in France, is the waterfall of Gavarnie creating an absolute haven of peace. The water cascades from a height of 423 metres, it is therefore one of the grandest in Europe. A small path allows you to go by foot around the base of the  waterfall, you will then be able to explore the Cirque de Gavarnie and be dazzled by its beauty !

It is in the region of the Burgundy-Franche-Comté that the small village Baume-les-Messieurs rests within the massif of the Jura. Also the waterfalls of Tufs are in this wonderful landscape. They can be reached by a pathway, a unique walk in the heart of a magnificent vista in nature.

Still in the same region, in Bourgogne – Franche-Comté, you will have the chance to discover The waterfalls du Hérisson. It is situated in Ménétreux en Joux, in the Jura in the Valley one of many waterfalls in the region. There are 7 falls  over a 3 kilometre distance and one at the altitude of 300 meters. Follow the pathway and set  off and explore this magnificent unique valley.

A little bit further south, you will find the waterfalls ofBaumes at Saint Rome du Tarn, in Aveyron. The water turns emerald green and numerous kayakers enjoy the sight from below.

Close to the Spanish border, we suggest you take the time to visit Aulus-les-Bains, in the French municipality situated in the area of the Ariège region. The waterfall of Ars considerd one of the most impressive falls in the Pyrenees, at a height of 1380 metres. Only accessible by foot we suggest you are well equipped for this treck of 2.5 to 3 hours round trip.

Have an enjoyable visit !


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