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The best “Road-trip” and camping movies

Holidays and life in the open air are often very good subjects for movie directors, a source of inspiration for the cinema. The reason for the journey maybe searching for oneself or a family reunion and celebration. A movie director creates  colourful personalities, these characters are travelling most of the time in mobile homes ! So we discover beautifully filmed landscapes. 


Here are our 5 favourite movies which deal with this subject:

« Moonrise Kingdom »  Wes Anderson moonrise

On an island off the New England coast in the middle of  Summer,1965, Suzy and Sam, age twelve, fall in love, they make a secret pact and run away together. While everyone searches for them, the two  youngsters build themselves a camp relying on young Sam’s boy scout skills ..

« Into the Wild » Sean Penn


A young man with a promisingly bright future abandons his comfortable lifestyle to set off and leave everything behind  him. He crosses wild terrain, all alone  to reach Alaska with the idea of  living in total communion with nature and wildlife.

« Mobile Home » François Pirot


Two thirty-year old’s decide to realise their adolescent dream : To leave on an adventure by road. They buy a suitable car  for camping, and launch into their project enthusiastically.

« Little Miss Sunshine » Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris


The youngest daughter of a typical  American family receives an invitation to compete in a very selective pageant for Little Miss Sunshine in California. All the family decide to be by her side for support. All squashed and piled up in their  rusty Volkswagen van they head westward and start off on  a tragicomic journey over three days which will put them up against the most unexpected events…

« Camping » Fabien Onteniente


At the campsite of Flots Bleus, it’s time to get together over an apéritif with the usual families. Except  this year, the Pic family don’t have their usual location, number 17, the Gatineau family separate their tents , plus Patrick Chirac, the playboy from  Dijon, is dumped by his wife. It’s here at the campsite that Michel Saint Josse, an plastic surgeon from Paris, enjoys the atmosphere of the campsite, despite all the problems of his neighbours something that is totally foreign to his everyday life .

Enjoy the movies !



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