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Swimming in the wilds : our advices

Wild water swimming is one of the many features  in which campers can indulge, it creates such a sensation of total freedom ! What could be more exhilarating than to dive into  fresh and reinvigorating water surrounded by cliffs all around.

If you are swimming in these waters  we strongly recommend that you read the safety regulations for your own well being. Here are some places that will certainly tempt you to  experience this wonder.


The Gorges de Kakuetta, in the heart of Pyrenees, with sheer cliffs stretching to 300 metres, covered in ferns and foliage. You will only see the sun for a few hours  a day, and in early Summer you will have the opportunity to discover translucent blue waters bordered with yellow flowers from the mountain. At the end of a 2 hour hike you can take a dip in the smaller river close by the entrance to the pathway.


In the region of The Loire and Normandy, you will have the opportunity, weather permitting ! to take advantage of some magnificent ,wild rolling landscapes. The most famous châteaux of France are in this region, often situated by small rivers. Le Cher which runs along the Château of Chenonceaux  offers  an attractive and unforgettable landscape for those who wish to  take a plunge in it’s waters. You will find lovely sandy beaches by the river Saint-Aignan.

It is in the region of Ardèche that campers will have a wide choice of swimming  spots and numerous water sports. What is better than swimming under a natural rock cave, a roof higher than a cathedral ? At Pont d’Arc you will have the opportunity to swim under this massive vault. It’s best to go at dawn to avoid the crowds.


In the region of Vaucluse and Haute-Provence, you will discover numerous small places in paradise. Have a walk along the paths,  take a break, and plunge in to the rivers. To avoid the crowds take the path further and you will discover the renowned gorges: Les Gorges de la Meouge for example, and even more magnificent waterfalls !

Make the most of the possibilities that  are on offer in the various regions of France, they will give you  so much pleasure  and a feeling of well being. Don’t forget to always respect the safety regulations if you wish to swim in non protected places.


Have a great holiday !

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