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Some new winter sports

So your leaving soon to go on a Winter holiday and would like to try something new, rather than skiing or snowboarding ? Here are five new ways to enjoy gliding which can be practised at most  ski stations. The truly invigorating  downhill thrills can  be amazing.



 Para skiing 


The combination of ski and paragliding is the latest thrilling extreme Winter sport, It is not for the fearful but guaranteed thrills for those who dare.

With a pair of skis, and a light parachute composed of inflatable fabric tubes that form a semi rigid wing, the audacious skiers fly off mountains or take on mogul runs with impressive leaps !

Snow Kite

Snow kite is fairly much a good way to learn the kitesurf: You glide on a snowboard whilst  being towed by a kite. Goodbye to the crowded ski runs and the wait at the chairlifts. For you a  sensation of speed in the heart of virgin spaces !

The Snow Scoot

You have most likely seen a Snow scoot on the runs. The vehicle was inspired by BMX, and has been used at ski  stations for a few years.It’s new way of gliding  which is accessible and can be a lot of fun !

Air board

You can drive this inflatable sled by moving your body from one side to the other down the slopes. Having your head as  closely as possible to the snow. A kind of snow « bodyboard » ! It’s exciting and enjoyment guaranteed … We most definitely recommend this !


A modern version of the “paret” (Savoyard sled). Sitting about 20cm from the ground, a bit like a snow cart, the Yooner is equipped with a shock absorber for comfort and a shoe that allows you to « carve turns » whilst gliding down the runs …Its  great fun and easy to learn ! If not use the brake !

For the novice or those who love an adrenalin rush , we recommend you  wear a helmet and appropriate protection so you can take advantage of these  sports with  safety !

And you, which one do you want to try the most ?


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