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Restaurants : the best addresses in the Rhône-Alpes

The Rhône-Alpes reputation has been established for many years ! Who hasn’t heard of Paul Bocuse and the brasserie of Lyon ?

The worlds capital of gastronomy having almost sixty Michelin starred establishments in the region. How does one choose where to go to eat a typical dish ?

We have selected some great addresses where you can taste regional specialities and discover the wealth of the Rhône-Alpes region.

Le Nord : Brasserie Paul Bocuse

Le Nord is the first brasserie opened by Paul Bocuse and Jean Fleury (they have opened 4 others since), offering traditional cooking. If you pass by don’t hesitate to stop and discover the traditional fare of Lyon !


L’Alouette is a restaurant situated in the North of Isère, at Bonneville, and was launched by Jean Claude Marlhins. The quality of his produce and cooking is undeniable. The menu includes pigeon and other delicacies, dine there to surprise your tastebuds !

The K’ozzie

This restaurant situated in Savoie, in Montmélian was opened by the young chef Sébastien Labbé. He gathers his produce from within 30km or less from his kitchen. One can’t be more regional than that ! The decor is relaxed, cosy and you can taste the wonderful local flavours.


L’Hôtel des Bains

The region of the Rhône-Alpes also produces excellent wine ! L’Hôtel des Bains, emphasises the perfect combination of dishes to the wine. Situated in Isère at Charavines, this restaurant allows you to discover a regional, elaborate typical meal accompanied by the most appropriate wine from their impressive wine list.

All these restaurants share a love of good cooking using the local, historically rich gastronomic standard. There are numerous establishments in the region, these are just a selection which will offer a memorable experience !

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