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Remaining pretty whilst camping is possible !

You leave for campsite(camping) this summer, it does not necessarily mean that it is necessary to leave aside your rite beauty / make-up! Indeed, the idea is to remain natural, to take advantage of the pure air and to use least possible products. Here are some tricks(clevernesses) to remain fresh(cool) and pretty! 


Concerning creams, there are sizes(formats) adapted to the journeys. Practical and light, these creams will not take a seat(take place) in your toilet bag. You hydrate the skin, it is important. A day cream and a night cream will be your allies during this stay, to have the soft and firm skin.

The make-up as for him must be light: opt for a tinted foundation, a waterproof mascara, a line(feature) of lip balm and hup, it’s done! Think of taking cleansing wipes, they become inescapable(major) during a stay in campsite(camping).

For your hair, a spray think of the shampoo without rinsing, the morning and/or the evening before going to have dinner will give a soft and silky effect to your mane.

For the rest of the body, those who have the dry skin can leave with a small bottle of argan oil. This care has the peculiarity to be able to be used on hair, face and body. Nothing better to regenerate your skin and look after it softly.

And finally, the removal of hair. Do not forget your tweesers to take care of yourself, your electric hair remover or a razor can also trail along easily. Otherwise, know that beauticians are almost of everywhere!

For an extra touch to add to your well being and to calm any mild anxiety the extract from the pips of a grapefruit can be beneficial …



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