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Possible activities for your teenagers ?

Occuping children during the holidays is much easier with a wide choice of activities which will keep them busy (we list you some here)!

But as for teenagers, it is different. We all know well that the adolescence period is not the easiest, and the relation between parents / teenagers can be very complex. You managed (with some difficulty) to encourage them come on holidays with you, so now the question arises : how to occupy them?

Introduction to sport

We won’t repeat all the beneficts that sport has on our body and our mind. But on holidays, it can be all the more enjoyable to practise it because you have time! Take advantage of this and introduce your teenager to horse riding, hiking, canoeing or going to a treetop adventure park… Maybe they will discover a passion and it will be an opportunity for them to meet people and to make friends during their stay. Don’t hesitate to inquire at your Camp, as each one has numerous sporting activities from which to choose.


You can include your teenager in sharing the preparation of meals during the holidays. Try not to make it a chore or an obligation, but fun! You may even suggest to them that they contribute ideas for the menus. Cooking can be a wonderfully friendly time, so much satisfaction can be found when the family tastes your dishes with sheer delight!


One way to improve your relationship with a teenager is to suggest taking a walk which often provides a private special  time. Long walks in the outdoors surrounded by beautiful landscapes can be a time to relax, stress free and beneficial to lively discussions.

Whether you are with your children or not, it is important to suggest activities so they are not bored during their holidays and to develop their curiosity and improve your relationship with them, then you too will be ready to start the year serenely! 🙂


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