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Mountain clothing : how to choose them?

As you would expect, the temperatures will be very low, so to avoid taking numerous suitcases pack clothes made of fabrics specifically for these conditions.



Light water proof materials such as Gore-Tex which acts as a wind break but able to breath. Really comfortable and warm on the runways. You won’t loose any speed going down the slopes !

Warm pants and ski-suits are essential. Inquire at the resort if it is possible to rent ski wear. We also recommend and extra layer under your ski pants for more comfort, such as sport legging. Women believe that opaque leggings retain warmth much better.

If you prefer to buy, overalls for the children are easy to wear and ski pants and jackets for adults.

Underwear and clothes should be thermal as it has the advantage of keeping you warm and avoiding many layers which limit your movements. Take plenty of underwear, T-shirts and socks. After a full days skiing fresh dry clothes  are essential after a hot shower.

The essentials:

Don’t forget your indispensable accessoires to maintain a completely warm outfit.

Sometimes small items are forgotten on your liste !

  • Gloves and under gloves to protect your fingers !
  • Warm beanie or cowl to protect your head in case of falls
  • Thick scarves to tuck inside the collar of your jacket.
  • Sunglasses or mask adapted to the light on the snow.
  • Firm thick socks to retain more heat

For shoes, it’s best to wear high waterproof well constructed boots ! If you like moon boots, take out again your vintage model ! They will always create attention !

Finally, think of helmets and any other protective items if you plan to try off-piste sports.

Have a great holiday !


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