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Mobile apps for camping

Camping is often a time of relaxation where one can leave your working environment and simply disconnect. Goodbye computer and see you later tablet ! However there is one connection which never leaves you and that is your telephone ! Why not use this time to gain better value from your phone, therefore a better holiday ?

Get organized, save time and discover our selection of specific mobile camping apps for Summer 2016:

Planning your departure:

Packing a suitcase is often a dreaded moment, the fear of forgetting something really important. With My Travel List you can plan in advance what to take for you and your children ! Sunscreen, telephone recharger, pocket light, no more forgotton items !

If you travel by car to our Le French Time campsites, it is essential you download Waze ! Live traffic information is available from the community of “Wazer ” who will let you know the shortest route and also news of any accident along your route.

On the spot:

Holidays are the perfect time to admire the stars. Whether in a tent or in a mobile home, it is always so beautiful to observe the sky. The application Carte du Ciel will guide you in identifying the celestial stars right above your head ! Magic !

Mosquitoes, they are a pest ! If you are not immunised against  insects bites we recommend you to download Anti Mosquito to confront unwanted stings ! The application generates ultrasounds which can ward off mosquitoes, letting you enjoy a well deserved sleep !

Fan of hiking ? View Ranger GPS Lafuma offers thousands of IGN detailed circuits and maps with a system of integrated GPS navigation. You can share your experiences to encourage other users to discover new places !

Finally the life saving application « Croix Rouge » which teaches you first-aid interventions and what to do in an emergency. Essential when you are in a remote area.

These applications are available in French and English, here we have chosen just a small selection of what is on offer for our foreign friends:


ITranslate allows to translate your conversations in more than 90 languages. Become a polyglot in a download !


Wii-Finder can save you from many tricky situations ! This application locates the WiFi closest to you ! Brilliant and so practical when one needs information !

Also think of the applications Whatsapp or Viber which allow you to communicate with your friends abroad without being charged !

Finally big cities such as Nantes or La Rochelle have their own tourist applications offering excellent plans and computing.

No more leaflets ! Look for the name of the city you plan to visit on your phone before your stroll !

These applications are there to assist you your holiday but don’t forget to enjoy your surroundings and your close friends !

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