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Le French Time campsites welcome people with reduced mobility

If you would like to learn more about what our campsites have to offer people with reduced mobility, we can help you. Be assured, we welcome the opportunity to assist where we can and adapt to make each day enjoyable, stimulating, in an outdoor environment.

Come and enjoy the surrounding nature and the attractive living environment with the family or alone in our accessible campsites.


A roud in the mountain surrounded by trees

All mobile homes have a specific access ramp. Chalets or holiday cottages have easy  car parking arrangements. Le French Time campsites offer all types of accommodation that are adapted for those with reduced mobility.

The campsites allocate a section of their rental properties to people with reduced mobility, making sure 100% of their needs are met. Well designed living spaces, spacious rooms and bathrooms. All the accommodations conforms to a high standard and the expectations of our guests.

To facilitate access, most of the paths are paved in concret to simplify access to the accommodation. All the bathrooms have easy access to shower cubicles and appropriate toilets.

Apart from the layout of the houses, many of our campsites offer creative activities in numerous relaxing areas, easily accessed, including the luxury of  therapeutic massages !

Discover campsites that are ready to welcome you and offer a wonderful holiday to remember !

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