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Jogging whilst on holidays

If you love your sport all year round, and even on holidays, we recommend that it’s essential that you pack your running shoes in your suitcase!


Running is economical, beneficial and can be done almost everywhere 🙂

Our holiday camps encourage joggers to take advantage of the exceptional surroundings in the heart of nature 🙂

There’s nothing so therapeutic on holidays, that allows you not only to relax and to wind down from pressures accumulated throughout the year, but it also helps to keep slim whilst indulging in restaurants along the seaside.

Naturally, the warmer it is, the more calories are burnt, but it makes it more difficult to sustain your strength over a long distance. During summer, we recommend you jog in the early hours or at the end of the day when the temperature begins to fall.

It’s worthwhile to wear good quality running shoes, never neglet this important aspect, running in appropriate shoes prevents all sorts of injuries from having back pains and sore joints to ankle damage.

Do not forget to hydrate yourself ! It’s hot, you need a lot of water to compensate for your loss, to stay in shape and to protect your skin from ageing plus sore muscles.

For those feeling more energized, try running along wet sand at the water’s edge, especially at dawn it’s an idyllic setting to be completely free… Such happiness 🙂

If you don’t have alot of motivation but have the desire, a good idea is to make a playlist of lively music which will surely give you the strength to run further ! Music, sun, in a holiday setting can make jogging much more fun 🙂

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