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Jacuzzi®… Pamper yourself !

The jacuzzi…Has made a comeback ! The bubble bath is all the rage again… And we understand why !


You may already have a balneotherapy at home or know someone who owns a jacuzzi  J. Today, the French are becoming more and more fond of relaxing this way.

Enjoy a few minutes (hours) lounging back in hot water after a hard days work… What bliss !

A good book, a soothing drink, soft music and an aromatic fragrance will provide the most wonderful relief and sense of well being.

These sessions do wonders for your inner well-being. We know that they can help relieve stress,  anxiety and improve your quality of sleep.

The massaging jets are very beneficial for your health… They stimulate the blood circulation and assist to eliminate toxins. The small spray nozzels are capable of giving relief to people suffering from all types of osteoarthritis and may also relieve back pains.

Generally speaking, you will see improvements regarding tired legs, migraines, cellulite, and digestive disorders


To benefit the most, we recommend sessions of 30 minutes, with water temperature less than 40°C.

Convinced… ? Good news, private jacuzzis are offered at Les Castels Le Château de Lez-Eaux.

See you very soon ! 🙂

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