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How to pack your suitcase ?

Being able to close your suitcase before going on holidays can be a real headache ! You find yourself sitting down on the suitcase again and again using all your strength trying to close the zip so that you can finally set off. Here’s some advice to gain space in your luggage and leave feeling so relaxed and ready to venture the world J


To start with list all what you need. Yes yes, everything ! It may seem useless but it  will avoid adding in all the forgotten little things in your suitcase which will overflow once your suitcase is almost packed ! The other advantage, is that it will limit you to the bare minimum of what you will need..

Let’s get started with the toilet bag. Rather than taking your big bottles of shampoo and other shower gels, pack small bottles so that you only take the amount of product necessary for your trip. The saving of space will be enormous.


Moving on to the clothes section. This depends on you, as far as how many garments you will need. However, respect this basic rule: Pack more tops than bottoms, because you will wear your skirts, jeans and your pair of shorts several times. Do you know the technique of rolling of clothes ? It is the best way of packing your luggage  whilst at the same time gaining space. Contrary to what one would expect they will not be more creased than ordinary folding. A small hint for your fragile objects, is that you can fold them inbetween the rolled clothes !

As for the organization of the suitcase: if possible, take a suitcase with internal compartements. The more you can divide and organize your contents, the more  saving of space you will have.

For example, you can also use rigid plastic bags  for arranging your contents 🙂

After following all these steps of advice, packing your suitcase will no longer be a stressful moment. Your only thoughts will be whether or not to choose ” tennis or swimming on your arrival “!


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