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Holidaying with friends.

Going on a holiday with friends is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together! At last the dates are agreed upon and bookings confirmed,so all that is left is to pack your bags.


Here is a little advice on how to make the most of a holiday with friends

First of all be sure everyone has the same expectations,chat together well before , so everyone knows what each would like to do.Some prefer o relax and others love to be active. Doing this will avoid any conflict.

Don’t hesitate to say what you would like to do, and it’s not a problem if some want to join in and others not.

Everybody must make the most of their holiday doing what they want and at the same time taking in to considering others, so it all runs smoothly. Speak openly about how to manage the household money,sometimes this can cause conflict and it would be a shame to spoil your holiday over this.

Why not organise  a kitty to use for shopping, avoiding the headache of reimbursing,everyone puts in the same amount (a good guide is the website Leetchi).

Share the chores,Oh yes, despite holidays being a time to relax thee are always chores to be done, especially when there are a few people. Cooking, tidying up and basic cleaning are necessary to keep things in some order. Each can vary their job, swapping if it’s preferred .

If your budget can stretch to a cleaner before you leave, that will please everyone!

For evening entertainment with friends think of packing cards,board games and if possible musical instruments, Dreaming of evening dinners,watching the sunset  to the sounds of a guitar being played!

Have a great holiday.


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