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Holidaying amongst the vineyards

Red, white, rosé or champagne, the French country side produces every type of wine in its many beautiful regions. A tourist attraction  which bears the name: oenotourisme.

This  activity is in discovering different vineyards in various regions and enjoying a tasting and possibly purchasing some wine. It will also please young ones as they can get involved by  actually picking the grapes and have the excitement of seeing  the large  machines and wine presses at work ! 


” Champagne only comes from Champagne ” this is a saying which we  can never contradict ! If you have booked a holiday at Les Castels La Forge de Sainte Marie campsite beautiful walks await  you in this region. From Reims to Epernay, meet with wine growers from  the Houses of Champagne. All the wines of Champagne mature  within 15 months minimum stored in the cellars of their makers. Your discovery of these cellars in the area will  be memorable because you can taste the wines from that particular year.

Wines of the Loire Valley 

The vineyard of Val de Loire is characterised by it’s variety of wines. No less than 12 types constitute their diversity. This white vine is produced in the area around Saumur and Anjou.

Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Cabernet or Pinot noir are  the most well known. Every vineyard produces  a unique wine to itself .

From Nantes to Blois, whether you stay at Les Castels Le Petit Trianon campsite de Saint-Ustre, do not miss the opportunity to discover the sunny vineyards in this region .

Wines of Bordeaux:

A few kilometres away from Les Castels Le Village Westen campsite you will find the wines of Bordeaux. This region  is certainly the most beautiful and  historically fascinating of all  the French  wineries  with their never ending specialities .

Indeed, the climate offers the perfect conditions  required for an exceptional  vineyard: A bright Summer, a moderate Autumn and Winter and the beginning of a relatively wet year.  Mainly  the vines that produce reds as the Merlot, and the Cabernet Sauvignon are the most established in the region. The lovers of white will not be outdone ! There is  Sémillon and Sauvignon not to be missed as the wine trail is waiting !


When holidaying at Les Castels Le Domaine de la Bergerie campsite, you wil be camping in the first region of France which produced rosé wines AOC ” Côtes de Provence “. More than 88 % of the wine production is dedicated to this  delicious fruity colour.From the region doors of Nice to those of Camargue, about 430 wine growers open  their doors and offer  their personalised wine tasting.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. To be consumed in moderation.

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