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Great gift ideas for friends who love travelling

Birthday’s, Christmas, are you  always looking for original gifts ? Amoungst your circle of friends iyou must know  people who love to travel, here are some ideas which will certainly make them happy .   


 Electronic luggage weight

Very practical and not too cumbersome, this gadget allows traveler’s to leave within their baggage limit, arriving at the airport in a serene frame of mind and not burdened by excess. It costs only 10€, so why go without ? 

 The Sublime Travel book :

Pblished by National Geographic, this book is a gold mine for  lovers of travel and  photography. National Geographic captures the most spectacular sites bringing immense pleasure to  readers. Showing the most fantastic natural and man-made wonders of  the world ,  erupting volcanoes, snow clad summits to rain forests … Enjoy ! The book  is available starting from 40€. 

  Travel wallet

What is a better way to arrange your important documents than a supple wallet. It doesn’t take up the space of a handbag or a backpack. Travellers can slip it under their clothes discreetly and save themselves from the weight on their shoulders when trekking. On sale at Amazon from 20€. you  are sure to find or make one yourself suitable for your specific needs ! 

 50  great journeys to be made in a lifetime 

You will never make a mistake buying a book published by Le Routard . This gift will be useful for  friends who love adventure holidays and at the same time  gain some information on places to be visited and  places to rest. Illustrated with magnificent photos, it can accompany you throughout your “road-trip” because it’s compact and light. For 20 euros everyone will thank you. 

 My world map:

For the younger ones, those starting to enjoy journeys and discovering it may be their passion, this is a gift which will continue to make them dream, even whilst in  their bed room ! A world map available online from 20€. Don’t hesitate for a second, a must for children.

  A universal adapter

This accessory is essential for travellers ! Compatible with more than 150 countries, it will serve your smartphone or tablet ! Available from 25€. 

Travel diary :

Finally an original travel diary ! A perfect present for the adventurer. A great way to note  all your addresses and ticking off the wonderful places you’ve been. A great idea !!

Approx :  20€ online.




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