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Gastronomy in Burgundy

So this summer you have decided to holiday in the Burgundy region, brilliant idea ! We suggest staying at Les Castels Le Chateau de l’Eperviere campsite.


The region’s gastronomy will surely tempt your taste buds, you will also be in the renowned wine country, so many from which to choose.

Wonderful Charolais beef bred and raised in Burgundy that of course is accompanied by the famous Dijon mustard. We have some typical regional specialities for you.


  • Beef Bourgogne is made with local beef, braised in red wine, traditionally a mix of red burgundy and beef broth, flavoured with garlic, pearl onions, bacon and mushrooms, there are many accompaniments to this dish. 
  • Now for something different, Burgundy snails! Cooked in butter and garlic to bring out their beautiful flavour .
  • Les oeufs en Meurette : a typical Burgundian dish. Poached eggs and the famous sauce! Red wine, bacon, onions and shallots browned gently in butter, served with toasted garlic bread. 
  • To finish with something sweet and a touch of alcohol, Poire Belle Dijonnaise.The pears are poached in wine, then coated with a spiced, creamy blackcurrant sauce. 

    So as you can see your holiday in Burgundy will be one to remember 🙂


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