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Discovering Mont-Saint-Michel

“The Beauty of Normandy “, Mont-Saint-Michel is of itself the heart of an immense bay in which lies the most powerful tide in Europe.

This world renowned site in Normandy, can be reached within an hour if you are staying at Les Castels Le Château de Lez Eaux or Les Castels Les Ormes, Domaine & Resort campsites. The campsite Les Castels L’Anse du Brick are also only a few hours away from Mont-Saint-Michel.

Often claimed and disputed by the Bretons throughout its history, Mont St-Michel for centuries has been characterised as Norman. Acknowledged by UNESCO world heritage, this place is unique. More than two and a half million people visit every year. This amazing landmark covers a total surface of 4km !


Since the Summer of 2014, visitors have had access to the Abbey via a new dyke and a footbridge built on stilts.There are three entrances to the Village, a pedestrian door, a wagon door and a drawbridge !

In the Main street you will find museums, small businesses and houses that were built during XV and XVI ème centuries. The Parochial Church, a small building of this early period is dedicated to Saint-Peter, who became the patron saint of fishermen.

The Abbey was built in the year 709, so for history lovers one has to climb the heights to discover the most amazing monument on the island.A place of worship therefore becomes a pilgrimage.The Roman and Gothic architecture, surrounded by beautiful gardens leaves the visitor in awe !

Having admired the Abbey, you can then contemplate it’s unique beauty as you by return down the path of the ramparts.

The bay of Mont Saint-Michel is also a majestic site having an immensely powerful continental tide.This is shown by the tide withdrawing almost 15 kilometres out from the coast and returning, very rapidly, 4 and a half hours later !To observe this phenomenon , we recommend you be there 2 hours before the time scheduled in order to experience this spectacular one off show !

You can also participate in excursion groups during the low tide, crossing the sea floor to the Mount by foot. An experience one needs to be undoubtedly fit ! a good idea is to take an extra pair of shoes to visit the village afterwards in comfort !

Part of Mont-Saint-Michel

An inherent establishment at Mont St-Michel, is the inn of La Mère Poulard since 1888. At that time, Annette and Victor Poulard opened their business with great enthusiasm welcoming pilgrims and gourmands.

Everyone converges to the restaurant to experience the cuisine now nicknamed “Mere Poulard”, an honorary title bestowed upon the talented female chefs .

The internationally renowned “omelette Mère Poulard ” : To prove the popularity and length of time people have enjoyed this omelette there are 3 thousand 5 hundred portraits, photos and autographs of celebrities who have visited this restaurant over the intervening years !

Omelettes are beaten in a copper bowl with a long whisk creating a special rhythm that one can hear passing by, then cooked in a copper frying pan on a wooden fire. You have to taste it to believe it !

Have a great visit and bon appetit !

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